Real Estate 3D Virtual Staging Service

We hate to tell you what you most probably already know, however, staged homes have been proved to sell quicker and for more money than vacant homes – primarily due to prospective buyers finding it difficult to visualize their belongings in an empty space. Uv axis delivers affordably real estate 3D Virtual Staging in Australia.
Using innovative technology, our team of real estate image editing experts can harness the power of 3D rendering to Real Estate Virtual Staging your home, filling your empty space with eye-catching furniture and decor that buyers will love. We can add premium quality seating, tables, lighting, and technology, such as large-format televisions, to make your home more appealing.
Whether you’re a real estate agent or a homeowner trying to sell your home privately, it’s likely that you’re feeling the burn of the lapsed global property market which makes it very difficult to sell a property – unless you’re willing to go the extra mile, of course. By investing in excellent quality images of your property and implementing virtual staging, you’re opening your home up to more viewings from serious buyers and, overall, a much quicker sale than if you were using run of the mill imagery.

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By definition, what is Real Estate Virtual Staging?

In simple terms, Real Estate Virtual Staging is the process of taking images of your empty property and placing furniture and fixings in the property to give the property a clean-cut, luxurious finish.

What about traditional staging?

If you’ve been in the property business for quite some time, you’ll be familiar with traditional virtual staging in which you dress a home to sell. However, this type of home staging can prove costly and, often, can lead to disputes with potential buyers as they are unsure as to which fixtures and fittings are included with the same. For instance, if you’ve dressed your home with beautiful window frames, most buyers would expect those same frames to be included when they purchase your property, however, in most cases, they are not. Virtual home staging helps to avoid such issues as customers are more likely to understand that the images are simply examples of what the property could look like.

Why is Real Estate Virtual Staging important?

Almost every prospective buyer looking to purchase a new home will scan the internet to find properties that they would like to view and the images you provide them with are the first impression they will have of your property and, you guessed it – first impressions are everything. By showcasing your property at its best with high-quality, virtually staged images, you’re enticing buyers early on and will increase the number of serious viewings.

When implementing our Real Estate Virtual Staging services, our highly experienced graphic designers will select furnishings that compliment not only each other but the style of your home as a whole to give your home a finish that surpasses everyday standards. When we’re finished with your home, you’ll be convinced that a seasoned interior designer has waved a magic wand.

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