Real Estate Image Editing Services

When you are trying to sell a property, it’s the imagery you use to showcase the property that will make or break a sale. Photos that are not just good but great are the difference between a quick sale and your property sitting empty, unsold for six months.
Luckily, at UvAxis, we offer an array of outsourcing real estate image editing services to ensure that you’re highlighting your property in its best light.

  • HDR Editing
  • Single Exposure Editing
  • Panorama Editing

HDR Editing

HDR image editing is the application most real estate agents implement to achieve excellence in their imagery. Lighting is a troublesome factor when trying to capture high-quality real estate photography, which is where HDR Editing comes in. This application uses tone mapping to level lighting and allows for consistent, professional real estate photos. At UvAxis, our team of photo editing professionals are highly skilled and, using Photoshop, apply HDR Editing applications in three steps:

Image Bracketing – Our experts cut and stitch together a variety of different images at different resolutions to create a single, perfect image that displays the space in your property flawlessly.

Perspective Correction – In real estate, the angle of the photo is everything. During the perspective correction stage, our experts will fix all the lines and walls in the building to achieve a clean-cut, streamlined finish.

Colour Balance – Lighting is one of the biggest factors when choosing a home so it’s important that your real estate photos boast consistent, fresh lighting and colour. It is during the final colour balance stage that colour and light correct will take place, ensuring that nothing’s too light, dark, or saturated.

Single Exposure Editing

You have an image that’s light in one corner but almost pitch black in the other, or the background is spot on while the foreground is too dark. Sound familiar? Achieving consistent light across a single image is near impossible as various factors such as the direction of where the light is coming from in the room will alter the overall image. In which case, you need to take advantage of our Single Exposure Editing services.

Using Photoshop, our team of experts will take your RAW image files and blend them together. One of the images will be optimised for shadows while the other is optimised for highlights. Blending the two optimised images will give you a single image file with perfectly optimised lighting, helping to show off your room and your property.

Panorama Editing

360-degree panorama photo stitching allows our experts to combine your multiple photographs to create an individual, wide-angle retail estate image for a 360-degree view, giving prospective buyers a full room view in one image rather than having to flick between different angles. By adopting 360- degree panorama photo editing in your real estate photos, you give your buyers the best possible view of your property before the first viewing so they know exactly what to expect on arrival.

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